Awareness week has started in Ethiopia to solve the problem of anti-actic medicines using germs.

Awareness week has started to solve the problem of anti-actic medicines using germs.The week of awareness has started today with the slogan “Creating awareness and making anti-actic medicines to be used by Jermocho” Minister of Health Dr. Lia Tadesse, Minister of Agriculture, Minister of Agriculture and Data Dr. Fikru Regasa, Commissioner of Environmental Forest and Climate Change Commission Professor Fikadu Beyene and other higher government officials and partners.The minister of health Dr. Lia Tadesse who gave an opening speech on the program said that the use of anti-tip medicines by germs is becoming a big threat to humans, animals, environment and the economy.More than 750,000 people worldwide have reported that they lose their lives due to the problem of using anti-tip medicines in germs.Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Fikru Regasa, said that the problem is one of the biggest threat to our world, has said that it is important to cooperate to solve the problem.The environmental forest and climate change commission commissioner Professor Fikadu Beyene, who said that the use of germs is increasing as a country’s anti-tune medicines is increasing, said that the office will work closely with stakeholders to prevent and control the problem.Dr. Lia, who said that the Ministry of Health is working hard to solve the problem, has called for the society, civil unions, governmental and non-governmental institutions, media and all stakeholders to work together and prevent it.The international anti-tewabian medicine week is the 6th of this year in our country and it will be celebrated from November 09/2014-15/2014

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