Families of those how relatives went to the war in Ethiopia are gathering at different levels.

Zemach families are gathering at different levels.Gondar University is doing various activities by giving special attention to the survival campaign. Therefore, it is remembered that the teachers and staff of the university have been present in Gondar city (Ira) and visiting kebele in Teda woredas, the families of Zemach have been gathered in different rounds.Similarly the university community November 9/2014 E.C. M in Amba Giorgis woreda has shown his kindness by harvesting and collecting the crops (Gebis and Telba – more than 4.5 hectares)Such good deeds will continue to be strengthened in other areas.The families of Zemach are heroes just like the Zemach, so they should be encouraged!We strive for wisdom!Directorate of Public and International RelationsNovember 10/2014 What is this?

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