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Get-As International Plc would like to invite qualified and experienced candidates for the following position.

Sales Manager duties and responsibilities

A sales manager is responsible for meeting the sales targets of the organization through effective planning and budgeting.
A sales manager can’t work alone. He needs the support of his sales team where each one contributes in his best possible way and works towards the goals and objectives of the organization. He is the one who sets the targets for the sales executives and other sales representatives. A sales manager must ensure the targets are realistic and achievable.
A sales manager is also responsible for brand promotion. He must make the product popular amongst the consumers. A banner at a wrong place is of no use. Canopies must be placed at strategic locations; hoardings should be installed at important places for the best results.
Motivating team members is one of the most important duties of a sales manager. He needs to make his team work as a single unit working towards a common objective. He/she  must ensure team members don’t fight amongst themselves and share cordial relationship with each other. Develop lucrative incentive schemes and introduce monetary benefits to encourage them to deliver their level best. Appreciate whenever they do good work.
It is the sales manager’s duty to ensure his team is delivering desired results. Supervision is essential. Track their performances. Make sure each one is living up to the expectations of the organization. Ask them to submit a report of what all they have done throughout the week or month. The performers must be encouraged while the non-performers must be dealt with utmost patience and care.
He/she is the one who takes major decisions for his team. He should act as a pillar of support for them and stand by their side at the hours of crisis.
A sales manager should set an example for his team members. He should be a source of inspiration for his team members.
Sales Manager who can plan, execute and oversee all sales and promotional activities effectively.  typically undertake the following duties alone or in collaboration with other personnel in the sales department:

Overseeing local and regional sales, promotions and campaigns
Planning and directing the hiring and training of new Sales Representatives
Directing and coordinating all sales activities locally and regionally
Preparing sales budgets and projections and approving expenditures
Tracking and analyzing sales statistics based on key quantitative metrics
Handling and resolving customer complaints regarding a product or service
Setting discount rates and determining price schedules
Advising distributors and dealers on policies and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Job Requirements

Additional  skills

Ability to set sales targets and achieve them effectively
Excellent interpersonal, customer service and communication skills
Experience using CRM to manage the sales process and forecast sales
Strong analytical skills to identify trends and sales patterns
Ability to design and implement a successful sales strategy
Ability to guide and mentor sales representatives
Planning, organization and problem-solving skills
Advanced time management skills

How to Apply

Interested applicant are invited to Send CV and copies of relevant documents through or

Or submit in person, their non-returnable application with CV and copies of relevant documents with in 7 consecutive working days from the first date of announcement.

Address: Get-As International Plc, 2nd floor, Arada Sub-City Woreda 1, located around commercial printing press or opposite to the entrance of ministry of Innovation and Technology. For more information:

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To apply for this job please visit

To apply for this job please visit

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