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Social Impact (SI) is a global development management consulting firm. We provide monitoring, evaluation, strategic planning, and capacity-building services to advance development effectiveness. We work across all development sectors including democracy and governance, health and education, the environment, and economic growth. Since 1997 we have worked in over 100 countries for clients such as U.S. government agencies, bilateral donors, multilateral development banks, foundations, and nonprofits. The six-year, $16.6 million Ethiopia Performance Monitoring and Evaluation Service (EPMES) Activity aims to provide USAID/Ethiopia with project/activity external evaluation, performance monitoring, and performance management support services in alignment with the USAID Automated Directives System (ADS) and Evaluation Policy. The contract assists USAID/Ethiopia and its partners to generate and use evidence to inform programming.

USAID/Ethiopia Health Office has been supporting Leadership, Management, and Governance (LMG) interventions through its various health activities to improve health services delivery, management, and health outcomes. The USAID-funded LMG project, which was implemented by Management Sciences for Health (MSH) from 2012 – 2018, developed and implemented standardized LMG training for national and regional leaders, as well as district levels and health facility leaders. Guided by these three-layer training modules, the LMG project trained over 1,900 staff from various levels of the health system in Ethiopia, and integrated LMG competencies into pre-service education programs to sustain the practices.  In response to the Ministry of Health (MOH)’s request, support to LMG interventions was continued through the USAID-funded Human Resources for Health (HRH) activity for the subsequent year (2019).

Other USAID health activities working across various technical areas also incorporated LMG interventions as part of their overall health system support to improve LMG competencies of health leaders and managers, and to strengthen impact on quality of health services, including TB, malaria, and RMNCAH-N. For example, the USAID Transform PHC activity implemented LMG interventions as part of the PHC system strengthening, and as of September 30, 2020, it trained over 2,000 health workers on LMG. The health activities that implemented LMG interventions documented that the LMG interventions contributed to the improvement of health system performance and quality of care. However, effectiveness of the LMG interventions appears to be not universal because there was a need for the LMG interventions to be implemented again by new activities in the same geographic areas.


Position Description:

SI is seeking a locally-based Health System Strengthening Expert to serve as part of a team synthesizing data from USAID-funded health projects that implement LMG interventions. The goal is to learn better the contributions of the LMG interventions on strengthening the health system and improving health service provision, the success factors, what did not work (what made it a failure), and what the Health Office should consider in future programs. The anticipated period of performance is from approximately January to April 2022.

The scope of this synthesis focuses on USAID-funded health activities that implemented LMG interventions in Ethiopia (existing and previous activities). Review of available documents and data will be primary for this synthesis. In addition, some primary data through qualitative methods will be used including interviews with key beneficiaries of LMG support including GOE counterparts may be required as well as interviews with staff from USAID-funded partners implementing LMG interventions. The synthesis team may propose the methods and extensiveness of each element of the synthesis with the agreement of the Mission.

The following review questions are proposed for the synthesis:

What were the major LMG packages/modalities/strategies implemented? What are the common approaches?  What were the unique approaches per IP?
How effective were the LMG interventions in improving LMG capacity and practices including utilization of limited healthcare resources (efficiency factor) in each respective program area?
Which package/s of the LMG intervention were more effective in strengthening the health system as well as improving the service provision?
What were the contributions of the LMG interventions in improving health service provision including service quality and coverage?
What were the facilitating or limiting factors for LMG implementation in USAID-funded health activities?
What are the major recommendations and implications of findings of this review for USAID programs?

The team’s responsibilities include the following:

Describe/analyze the LMG packages/modalities implemented by USAID-funded LMG projects and other activities
Document gains/improvements in LMG capacity and practices in each activity’s respective program area and level of implementation
Document contributions of the LMG interventions in improving health service provision
Identify the enabling and limiting factors for LMG interventions in improving health services in the respective program area
Make recommendations based on the synthesis for LMG interventions on how to improve/standardize current LMG efforts or future USG investments in this area for greater impact/results
Produce the following deliverables:
Revised SOW
Inception report with methodology and interview protocols
PowerPoint presentation to the Health Office
Preliminary report
Revised report (with responses to comments)

Job Requirements


A minimum of ten years’ relevant professional experience including significant relevant experience with health system strengthening in general, and particularly with health services, management, and governance
Minimum of a master’s degree in public health, international affairs, public policy, organizational development, health, or a related field
Experience working with USAID and other development partners/donors
Strong English language oral skills
Good English-language writing skills
Fluency in Amharic
Willingness to undertake in-person interviews in a COVID-safe manner

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